Saint Rule


Saint Rule is a new lingerie brand from Sydney designer Caitlin Davies-Forsyth. The affordable luxury lingerie brand was launched in 2018 with the first collection released on October 24th.

Caitlin has a background in fashion and at 18 years old started designing wedding gowns and has spent the last 10 years creating bespoke bridal designs. She has always had a great love and respect for the connection between fashion and lingerie and the technical skills needed to create gorgeous timeless designs. “I would say I’ve always loved lingerie and over the years looking for gifts for my friends getting married I identified a need within the market for beautiful bridal lingerie.” 

Inspired by her experiences in Europe (she lived on Saint Rule Street in London) and her love of lingerie Saint Rule was born. “The lingerie market is so strong in Europe, and back here in Australia it’s really still growing. I saw that there was space in the local market for me to bring the European flair home”

“Saint Rule is designed to be the brand that you take with you for your summer in the Greek Islands and are still talking about those special holiday moments after 80 years”


The Saint Rule collections are all inspired by the narratives of our unforgettable moments of life, the love stories that we all hold onto and the occasions that are forever in our memories. The beautiful designs fuse together both vintage and modern elements and the laces Caitlin has chosen are delicate and timeless. Saint Rule is designed to reclaim the memories of the past, “you always remember the outfit you wore on your first date, Saint Rule is the Lingerie you’ll remember from your honeymoon”

Caitlin’s favourite looks from her first collection “Dream State” are the Eden High Waist Panties with the Eden Push Up Bra
Rhapsody Nights Set and the Eden Shadows Balconette bra set.

“These showcase the super feminine, edgy and classic sides of Saint Rule”

Saint Rule also has a gorgeous range of silk robes, slips, camisoles and French nickers which are the perfect getting ready outfits for you and your bridal party. “Saint Rule isn’t throw away fashion, these are the items that you and your bridal will have forever and enjoy wearing all the time”

I asked Caitlin a question I’m sure a lot of brides ask themselves… What is the perfect lingerie for under my wedding gown? Caitlin’s response “Don’t overthink it” She maintains that when looking for something to wear under your wedding dress you need to remember three important things, comfort, function and support. “Seam free underwear is a must! The last thing you want when you take off your wedding dress at the end of the night is to have those uncomfortable lines from underwear that was too tight.” Caitlin Suggests simple is best for under your wedding gown but “Saint Rule is what you wear while you’re getting ready in the morning and what you put on when you take your wedding dress off!”

Caitlin spent a lot of time researching the best places to manufacture her products. Off shore manufacturing was the way to go for Saint Rule and after working with other fashion brands who manufactured in Vietnam, she was able to call on her contacts there to find the best tailors. Saint Rule uses three different tailors in Vietnam, all run by women who are among the best lingerie manufactures in the world. They have worked for some of the top French lingerie brands and yet they still want to support and encourage small startups with smaller production quantities.

Caitlin is driven by forming a strong ethical foundation for Saint Rule over bottom line profits. “As a young Australian designer there are no excuses to not be using ethical designs” All three Tailors she uses are ethical and supportive of equality in the workforce in Vietnam, and one of the Tailors even has an all female staff. As Saint Rule expands, Caitlin wants to ensure that the brand continues to support women, modern family structures and a work life balance.

January 2019 also saw the release of the Saint Rule second collection “The Lovers”, designed with Valentines day in mind it’s a small capsule collection of 6 limited edition items. Perfect for your Valentines Day celebrations.

After an impressive start for Saint Rule what’s next for this emerging Sydney brand? Caitlin is already dreaming of being in Vogue Bride along side some of the top Bridal labels in the world. In the meantime she’s also already onto designing her next collection and has some big plans to expand on her current line and introduce what she describes as being a collection that will become “the core of Saint Rule lingerie”

Saint Rule sends each order with its own silk lingerie bag for easy and safe storage, perfect to slip your Saint Rule into for a little weekend away, and free worldwide shipping! They also have a handy online sizing guide, I’ve tried them myself and must say they’re as gorgeous in person as they are in pictures and fit true to Australian sizes but if you have any questions about your sizing get in touch with Caitlin and her team, they really want all women to be in lingerie that fits them perfectly!

Whether you’re looking for something for yourself, a gift, or a special weekend away, Saint Rule is the new kid on the block that’s sure to become your favourite!

“Saint Rule lingerie are classic designs that suit everyone. No matter your age, you should feel confident when you’re in Saint Rule”


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